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March 24, 2020 – Allen Superior Court Order On Employee Compensation During the Governor’s Stay At Home Order

March 24, 2020

The Governor’s Stay At Home Order: If you have not already heard, Governor Holcomb at Noon today issued an order for most Hoosiers to remain at home, starting Wednesday and lasting through April 7, for all but the most vital business. Most or all of our surrounding states took similar actions late last week. The text of the Governor’s order can be found here:

Superior Court Work Schedules: As a result of the Governor’s order, a number of Superior Court employees will be sent home beginning Wednesday (March 25), which is when the Governor’s order goes into effect. Keeping as many of people at home as is possible is among the keys to reducing spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Direction as to whether or not you will be sent home will come from your Judge or your supervisor. If you do not know your status, please talk to your Judge or supervisor as soon as possible.

Compensation During the Emergency: There are many questions being posed today about how employees will be paid during the emergency. We might not be able to answer all of those questions before Wednesday. I expect that, at a minimum, all employees sent home during the Governor’s order will be covered by the Public Health Leave policy announced last week and approved by the Superior Court Board of Judges. The Judges reserve the right to amend or discontinue this policy, or adopt their own policy in the future, as the Court reviews its needs and what best serves the needs of its employees.

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