Family Relations

This Quick Reference Directory identifies where specific cases are heard and services are provided.

National Adoption Day was established nationally through the efforts of the Dave Thomas Foundation and other organizations to bring awareness to the adoption needs of over 100,000 foster care children.

Children who have been identified as having suffered from maltreatment or neglect may be found by the Court to be Children in need of services (C.H.I.N.S).

View the forms and find out more about the Dissolution of Marriage.

In 1998, Judge Charles F. Pratt established a task force to review evidence based court initiatives for child abuse and neglect cases. Find out more about the Family Court Project.

Find out more about Juvenile Delinquency.

Establishing paternity can make a difference for your child’s whole life and gives the child a legal father.

The Family Relations Division sponsors several educational programs and Continuing Legal Education seminars each year.

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