Adoption Day

Under the leadership of Judge Charles Pratt, the Allen Superior Court was the first in Indiana to participate in the National Adoption Day.

Each November since 2007, the Allen Superior Court has observed National Adoption Day with multiple community partners including the Allen Office of the Department of Family and Children.

National Adoption Day was established nationally through the efforts of the Dave Thomas Foundation and other organizations to bring awareness to the adoption needs of over 100,000 foster care children.

Annually, the Allen Superior Court finalizes and enters adoption decrees for 100 to 150 children. In order to lend special attention to the importance of providing a child with a “Forever Family” the court hosts a day of celebration each November that includes presents and a reception for the adopted child and family. No child’s party is complete without a clown and Adoption Day is no different. For the past several years, Bow-Tie the Clown has helped with the celebration.

There are various community groups that donate gifts to the children. Project Linus, has provided homemade blankets for each child adopted. Books on parenting and gifts are given to the child and family from the court’s positive youth development initiative, Great Kids KIDS make Great Communities. In the past the Court has partnered with the Department of Child Services, Wendy’s Wonderful Kids, SAFY, Catholic Charities, the Adoption Coalition, SAFY and Neiter and Goeglien, attorneys at law.

The Indiana Supreme Court has by special rule granted permission for videotaping the adoption day hearings by family and the media.


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