Misdemeanor & Traffic Court

The Misdemeanor and Traffic Court is located in the Charles “Bud” Meeks Criminal Justice Center, 101 E. Superior Street in downtown Fort Wayne.

An electronic check-in process is now being used for Misdemeanor & Traffic Court. Once your name appears on the overhead monitors, you will be able to type your Last name on the kiosk and select your case. Proceed by following the directions on the screen.


Infraction Deferral Program

The Infraction Deferral Program is offered by the Allen County Prosecutor’s Office for infraction cases. If you comply with the conditions of the program, the case is dismissed and notice of the violation is not sent to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). Not all infractions are eligible for the program.

Infraction deferral eligibility and requirements

715 S. Calhoun Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46802

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