HOPE Program

HOPE Probation is a one-year intense probation supervision program. HOPE has 4 phases with each phase being 90 days long. Clients are required to report once per week for scheduled appointments, increased home visits, and placed on a random urine screen hotline. Clients are evaluated every 90 days and will move to the next phase if in compliance. There is no additional cost to the client. Any violation results in immediate Court action and the client is remanded into custody on the spot. Clients will then be placed in Court with Judge Steven O. Godfrey within 3-5 days to address the said violation (reporting late for appointments or admitted drug use). If a client fails to report for a scheduled appointment or misses a random urine screen, a warrant is issued for their arrest.

Clients can be directly placed on HOPE Probation at the time of sentencing or can be modified from regular supervision following a violation, if the client is in need of more accountability.

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