Specialized Driving Privileges

Hundreds of times each year in Allen County, people have their driving privileges suspended. That suspension can come for a variety of reasons, from being convicted of a crime to being behind on child support to failing to pay car insurance.

But the result is the same. That driver – at least temporarily – cannot legally operate a motor vehicle. In some cases, though, a limited lifeline might be available for suspended drivers who still need to do the essentials of life while those legal problems work their way through the process.

Indiana residents whose driving privileges have been suspended by the Courts or by an administrative action of the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles may petition the Court for Specialized Driving Privileges under provisions established in Title 9 of Indiana Code.

Do You Need Help Petitioning the Court for Specialized Driving Privileges?

Specialized driving privileges are privileges granted by a court that permit someone with a suspended license to drive for specific reasons. For example, a person might ask the court for permission to drive to work.

Listen to our recent podcast on the Specialized Driving Privileges process.

Specialized Driving Privileges are not available in all circumstances. Those not eligible can include:

  • Someone who has never been an Indiana resident.
  • Someone whose license was suspended for refusal to submit to a chemical test.
  • A person determined by the BMV to be incompetent or unfit to drive.
  • A person whose license was suspended for failing to stop for a school bus.

In order to apply for Specialized Driving Privileges in Allen County, Indiana, fill out the forms below and return them the office of Allen Superior Court Judge David J. Avery (Allen County Courthouse, Room 319).

Request for Waiver of BMV Reinstatement Fees
Verified Petition for Specialized Driving Privileges

Do You Need Help Petitioning the Court for Specialized Driving Privileges??

If you are not using private legal counsel to assist in your request for Specialized Driving Privileges, there are reduced cost options available. Court staff may assist you with procedural questions, but cannot offer legal advice. Options for seeking help include:

Volunteer Lawyer Program: If you are seeking information about obtaining a conditional driving license and/or a waiver of BMV reinstatement fees you should contact the Volunteer Lawyer Program. If you meet their financial eligibility requirements, the Volunteer Lawyer Program will provide you information as to what you need to do to qualify for a conditional driver license and the Volunteer Lawyer Program will provide legal help at no or very minimal cost to you. The VLP can be reached online at the link above or by phone at (260) 407-0917.

Indiana Legal Help: The Indiana Bar Foundation also provides information on obtaining Specialized Driving Privileges at https://indianalegalhelp.org/.

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