Hardship & Probationary Licenses

Hardship Licenses

IC 9-30-16-3


Stay of suspension; specialized driving privileges

Effective January 1, 2015


Section 3

(a) A court imposing a suspension of driving privileges under this chapter may stay the suspension and grant a specialized driving privilege as set forth in this section.
(b) Regardless of the underlying offense, specialized driving privileges granted under this section shall be granted for at least one hundred eighty (180) days.
(c) Specialized driving privileges must be determined by a court and may include, but are not limited to:
(1) requiring the use of ignition interlock devices; and
(2) restricting a person to being allowed to operate a motor vehicle:
(A) during certain hours of the day; or
(B) between specific locations and the person’s residence.
(d) A stay of a conviction and specialized driving privileges may not be granted to a person who has previously been granted specialized driving privileges and the person has more than one conviction under section 5 of this chapter.
(e) A person who has been granted specialized driving privileges shall:
(1) maintain proof of future financial responsibility insurance during the period of specialized driving privileges;
(2) carry a copy of the order granting specialized driving privileges or have the order in the vehicle being operated by the person; and
(3) produce the copy of the order granting specialized driving privileges upon the request of a police officer.

As added by P.L.217-2014, SEC.154.



• Must be filed in the county of residence.
• Must pay the Court’s filing fee.
• The hardship license is only good for driving to and from and during employment.
• Petition may only be granted if because of the nature of driver’s employment the suspension is an undue hardship and burden on the driver’s family or dependents.

For further information about the applicability and limitations of Indiana’s Specialized Driving Privileges statute, consult Indiana Code 9-30-16.

In order to apply for a Hardship License in Allen County, Indiana, fill out the applicable forms below and return them the office of Allen Superior Court Judge David J. Avery (Allen County Courthouse, Room 319).

Request for Waiver of BMV Reinstatement Fees

Verified Petition for Specialized Driving Privileges


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